Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shoe Nazi

I'm not a shoe girl. Never really have been and may never really be. Don't get me wrong I like shoes just as much as the next person but I've never been one to take that liking to the next level by putting in the effort to search out and buy shoes regularly, I guess you could say. I suppose this is partly due to the fact that I'm very picky when it comes to shoes and I only want to buy some that I know I'll wear regularly and by regularly I mean every other day. If I wear something as often as every other day then it has to be comfortable and neutral colored and now that I think about it I've pretty much been living in black ballerina flats for the past four years of my life. That last sentence sounds even worse reading it on virtual paper then hearing it in my own head 5 seconds ago! How sad right!? Fortunately, ever since I started following various fashion blogs over the past five or six months now I've been exposed to so many out of these world shoes and, for the first time, really took the time to study and later appreciate what I now can call an art. I can't believe I've been denying myself this for so long! It's like I'm my own shoe nazi.

Although this realization didn't necessarily reinvent my shoe mindset to match that of Carrie Bradshaw or Jane Aldridge, it was, nonetheless, altered in a positive way. I decided to put a little spice in my shoe collection by adding some much needed heels so I went shopping to find the perfect black pump and fortunately I found them in the first store I stopped at which is, believe me, a rarity. Usually it takes at least three trips for me to find exactly what I want.
In my dream scenario I picture myself slipping these babies on inside of bloomies and the salesman saying "go ahead girlfriend work it" but since I don't have the money or power to make what goes on in my head a reality I decided to buy these and I couldn't be happier.


Steve Madden Trinitie. Great starter to my newly revitalized shoe collection eh? I also saw these Michael Kors boots and slightly fell in love.

I couldn't stop staring or talking about them. I felt like a little girl staring at a new, shiny barbie in the window display at Fao Swartz (back when it wasn't just in nyc). My mom agreed they were cute and that was that but I continued to talk about them all the way to the car with the hopes that a miracle would happen and she would actually buy them for me. It has happened before, this method has had its share of successes. 

Clearly I'm focusing on the basics right now. Other shoes I'm looking to add:
Patent Oxford Pumps
Givenchy Wedges (via google & seaofshoes)
Chloe 3 Strap Mary Jane Heels (via cherryblossomgirl, I believe)

I love mary janes. I can make that 180 and turn into a Carrie or Jane when it comes to mary janes. I could go on and on about my love affair with mary janes. There's definitely a warm feeling there. Mary janes are the type of shoe that has multiple personalities almost. They can be super girly then classic & sharp then a little naughty depending of course on the construction of the shoe & the way it's being styled. That's my take, I'm no expert though, just say the word if I should just stick to jewelry.

oh well, Till next time,

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  1. Each and everyone of those pairs of shoes are beautiful.