Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Patiently Awaiting

for this little treasure to arrive:


Words can't fully describe how truly giddy I am to receive this. It's been a long and exhausting search for the 
perfect panther ring but I finally stumbled upon this one on etsy one sunny afternoon. It's the most 
reasonable ring I could find in terms of quality and cost that matches the amazing yet incredibly 
pricy Cartier panthere ring.


This is the kind of ring I dream about in my sleep. It's so ridiculously 
flawless that I'm afraid that if I saw it in person I'd just burst into tears. 
It's my dream ring. The ring is so spectacular to begin with that it 
almost doesn't need a person to wear it but at the same time it 
can't reach its full potential without a finger. It's a show-stopper
to say the least and it fills all my hearts desires hahahaa. I've 
expressed my feelings about this ring to my sister and she said
that if she ever becomes an olympian she'd buy it for me with her 
sponsor money. And what's great is that it's not like an impossibility 
either she lives and breathes horses and rides every weekend so I'm 
definitely crossing my fingers.

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