Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hear Ye Hear Ye

It was about 5 months ago that I stumbled upon what I now know to be the new sought-after force in fashion journalism, this being the now holy fashion blog.  I was really bored one day so I decided to dismantle the skyscraper that I unintentionally created of all my teen vogues and perused through them all one by one.  As I made my way to the more current issues (2008 and beyond) I came across an article that I had seen before but didn't really take the time to read.  This article talked about how fashion obsessed teens are changing the way people view style, among other things.  My curiosity grew about this so-called phenomenon and about a week or two later I decided to utilize google and finally see what all this was about.  To my pleasant suprise, what I thought would be a 5 minute skim turned into a two hour sitting.  Never before have I seen such a display of fashion.  I'm so accustomed to seeing such displays in magazines, on the runway, or on the fabulously wealthy on TV.  I was entranced by the fabulous flowy dresses, sharp structured, tailored jackets, unique vintage jewelry, and to die for (literally bury me now) shoe collections were simply spectacular.  And what was even better about the blogs were that the girls knowingly or unknowingly stressed the importance of it's not who you wear that matters most but how you wear it and that's what creates personal style.  I found this to be very refreshing and soon joined this cult following.  Later on I discovered more fashion bloggers whose wardrobes I had warm feelings for and overtime they're blogs became daily reads.

(via fashionsquad)

Reading these great blogs has sort of awaken and taken to the next level my love for all things fashion, not that it ever died or anything, but, let's just say it took a long nap.  In making frequent visits to these blogs I found that the thing that really wowed me the most were the mass amounts of amazing vintage pieces featured, especially the jewelry.  The jewelry was the thing that really got me excited and sometimes was the sole reason for returning to specific blogs.  It was the jewelry that I found myself drooling over the most in front of the monitor.  Heavy gold chain link necklaces, geometric pendants, beautifully laced filigree bracelets, chunky cocktail rings, in the words of Rachel Zoe, I DIE.  As I learned more and more I realized that jewelry is the thing I want to find, to collect, it's what I want to pass down to my children and grand children as a reflection of myself, among other things.  It's just, ahh, amazing.  So to fit the circumstances I wanted to start a jewelry-focused fashion blog that featured my most lusted after vintage and modern necklaces, bracelets, rings, and what not.  And of course every now & then I'll probably mention shoes, bags, scarfs, etc.  I've always been an acessories girl.  So I'm done giving my spiel and I hope you will enjoy this just as much as I am!!

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