Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Evacuation Chic

This morning I woke up to my dog barking incessantly and a very loud knocking on my door.  I thought it was my mom but I opened it up to none other than a police man who said something about a power line.  Apparently something was engulfed in flames around 7 AM this morning that had to do with our power lines and we may have had to be evacuated if there were any signs that a freak accident would occur setting our house on fire.  Great way to start the morning, eh?  In the event that that did happen I made sure to dress appropriately so I put on my best gold chain and was ready to go hahaha. 

Sorry for the less than quality picture, my camera has been broken for sometime now and is kind of a lost cause. :-(

I got this goodie on ebay for next to nothing. :-) The necklace consists of  three or four small snake chains braided together to make one big gold chain necklace. LOVE. I've been looking for something like this for quite some time now but whenever I came across anything at stores (both off and online) they were too short and made of actual beads.  

Here are other some loved chains:
1. Tassel Bracelet from Banana Republic
2. Various gold chain link necklaces from American Apparel
3. Bib necklace from atlantis vintage. Unfortunately this has sold.  
I've tried to search for another for the last couple months or so but have been unsuccessful.  IF ANYONE CAN DIRECT ME TO ITS 
4. I actually own that bracelet and am looking for another one in 
necklace form. I really like the texture on this bracelet. It's a different
take on the smooth chain were all so accustomed to seeing. I don't 
know the proper terminology for it but I've seen it being referred to as 
5. Lariat from Banana Republic
6. Vintage Monet Multi-strand necklace. So 70's.

SDG&E has finally arrived to amend the broken thinga ma bob and no 
ones died yet so I think everything will be ok.

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