Monday, August 24, 2009

Countdown to Zoe

Exactly 9 hours til Glamour God Rachel Zoe will make her triumphant return to Bravo. I have been waiting for this new season seconds after the last episode ended. 

Oh, RZ. I feel like were brothers from another mother. Were both named Rachel. We both have an uncle Jerry (reference to the show), we both wear gigantic sunglasses & ridic amounts of gold jewelry. 

I feel like I'm cheating at blogging because I'm posting such short entries. I feel that you can only afford to get away with that if you have tons of bomb pictures that don't need a big explanation or you've established yourself as a well-known blogger who doesn't need to post long entries to get a reaction or their point across. Now that I've been busy adjusting to college life it's hard to make time to sit down come up with what to post and take the time to execute it.

Oh well, that's just my opinion. Tune into the Rachel Zoe Project tomorrow @ 9 I'm so excited!!!

Til next time, xoxoRJC

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